Sarona Rameka – Quick Keto Guide Download PDF



Welcome to our keto quick guide. If you are reading this you will be starting your journey in keto so I hope this helps and encourages you. I am not a doctor or an expert, I have been very blessed to have had amazing guidance through diet with our neurologist Dr. Matthew Phillips when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2017 (you can read more on Prior to that, I had 37 years on a high sugar, highly processed diet. I loved everything sweet and my idea of ‘healthy eating’ was gluten-free or toasted muesli (both still full of sugar and carbs). For the last few years, our family have gone through a complete lifestyle change.

There are many misconceptions around keto. Despite it being a very traditional way of eating (‘feast and famine’ as opposed to ‘feast and feast’), there is still a lack of support and understanding from many in the medical profession.

Don’t buy into the rumours that surround keto diets (bad for cholesterol, high fat etc) – the types of fats you eat are very important; as is a variety of vegetables; as is common sense. I know first-hand how important food is to the body, and how many diseases can be managed and even reversed through keto.

When we first started keto we emptied our cupboards of all carbs, spent a lot of money on expensive food, bought every cookbook under the sun, and would spend copious hours cooking. But it was unsustainable and we needed to find a way to make it work for our family.

Finally, we have found our happy place. I am strict keto while my husband Vern may still have an odd carb meal. Our kids have carbs in the cupboard (but no sweets) and eat keto dinners with us – they just don’t always know it. We limit the amount of processed foods we buy and are conscious of what we are putting into our bodies. This guide is for our family and friends with the hope you can understand the low- carb way of eating, and reach your own place of balance.

God bless
Sarona Rameka 🙂