Diabetes Reversal Programmes


Diabetes Reversal Condensed

Dr-only programme with DIY $500

Diabetes Reversal Comprehensive

6 month programme $2500

Diabetes Reversal Comprehensive Plus Plus

6 month programme + Retreat $5000

This project combines every aspect of modern diabetes knowledge and treatment into one comprehensive program, like NZ has never seen before.

Diabetes Reversal Condensed

Dr-only programme with DIY $500

Diabetes Reversal Comprehensive

6 month programme $2875

Diabetes Reversal Comprehensive PLUS PLUS

6 month programme + Retreat $5000

It builds on both the local and international knowledge base and experience and has grown from the experience gained through “Reverse T2 Diabetes Taupo” in community engagement and knowledge delivery.  It also stands on the experience and knowledge Dr Glen Davies has gained from reversing 118 patient’s diabetes and prediabetes at the Taupo Medical Centre. 

How This Could benefit Me?

We want clients to have the opportunity to reverse their diabetes. We are frustrated by the current pharmaceutical model of diabetes care that we view as palliative. The current diabetes medications can not reverse the condition. Our modern nutritional and lifestyle interventions offer the chance of medication free remission.

What We Do

This project uses the highest quality resources from Prof Grant Schofield, Author of what the Fat and dietician Caryn Zinn and the PreKure, 21 day Diabetes challenge.

We use technology to the highest level with the Pukeko coaching App.

We utilize testing technology in the form of blood glucose and ketone monitoring.

What Does This Programme Focus On?

We understand that lifestyle change can be challenging. We focus on change process by using health coaches to deliver a large part of the program. This program stands on 1000s of ours of collective research in the understanding of metabolic health and the cause of diabetes. 

We have looked at the delivery models used by Virta Health in the US and Dr David Unwin in the UK. The program has evolved from seeing the value in providing a disease focused package of care where clinicians and coaches are completely focused on Diabetes remission. Locally we have consulted with Iwi to address equity and cultural appropriateness of the delivery model. This conversation and partnership is ongoing.

Understanding that T2 Diabetes is a metabolic illness mediated by insulin resistance and caused by eating carbohydrates, particularly sugars and refined carbohydrates above your individual carbohydrate threshold, our nutritional strategies are simple but don’t underestimate their powerfulness. No diabetes medication can reverse diabetes.

In my 37 years of learning and practicing medicine I have never seen a more complete or comprehensive model to deal with T2 Diabetes.

Dr Glen Davies

What Can I Expect?

The combination of correct nutrition and health coaching can reverse T2 Diabetes,completely. Blindness, limb amputation, dialysis and heart attacks, the 4 most feared consequences of Diabetes can be completely avoided. But perhaps more importantly, clients tell us about reduced joint pain, better mental clarity, control of their hunger and cravings and above all heaps more energy.

So what ever your personal motivation to reverse your diabetes we believe this is NZs most complete and comprehensive program to do just that.

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We are a private medical clinic, and we don’t offer a complete GP service. You can stay enrolled with your current GP and ALSO work with us.

Telehealth is a consultation that is conducted via video calling on your computer or your phone. The advantages are that you don’t have to travel anywhere and find a carpark, you can be in the comfort of your own home. Most of our consultations are via telehealth.

We don’t believe in fads, or overnight successes. Real change takes time and we’re here for you.

The Reversal NZ rooms are located in the back of St Pauls Union Church, entry off Rifle Range Road. We are appointment only. Almost all of our appointments are digitally via Telehealth.

How do I schedule an appointment or find out more information?

Email us info@reversalnz.co.nz or message us via our Facebook page.

We take all our programmes seriously and select medical practitioners on the basis of their qualifications and track record.  For example, Dr Glen Davies is the current recipient of the NZ GP of the year award and has an extensive track record in working with patients to reverse Type 2 diabetes.  Our Health Coaches have all successfully completed nutrition and coaching programs through Prekure and are HCANZA certified coaches.  Our medical practitioners and coaches work closely together with you to ensure the best likelihood of success.