Dr Emma Sandford

Health Practitioner

I studied medicine in Sheffield England, became a Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 1998. I worked in a number of hospitals around England and finally, in 2003, emigrated to New Zealand, from whence my husband hails and my children were born.

For twelve years I was MO ophthalmology to Tauranga Eye Specialists where I performed laser surgery and delivered ocular injections of a variety of medicinal agents.

As I progressed and gained more experience and insight into the pathogenesis of general and eye conditions, I realised that what we were practicing in modern medicine was a very narrow view and lacked the breadth and depth of the beauty of what was possible. Health with personal and health empowerment. People leading their most magnificent lives in their most resilient and robust bodies.

I embarked on a degree in Natural Medicine at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine and have never looked back since, opening up potential for me and my patients.

I am interested in the significant contribution of lifestyle, nutritional and herbal medicine can make to modern medicine by pursuing affordable and sustainable health for individuals and the community with ramifications and implications for farming and the land. I wish to further understand and research natural products and foods with regards to specific eye conditions and maintaining eye health. I wish to facilitate the integration of this understanding into the armoury of standard care by ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Through my Ophthalmology practice, I have met many diabetics at the bottom of their cliff with regards to their eye and general health and I seek to empower the patients with knowledge and strategies to limit damage to their eyes and change their trajectory on their diabetic journey. I wish to deepen my knowledge of the pathophysiology of diabetes and how this translates into patient care. I wish to gain greater understanding and experience of using new pharmaceutical agents and ancient knowledge to modulate their condition. I work with Reversal NZ towards this end.

There is much interest in proteomics, genomics and epigenetics and it is my understanding that this is betrayed in phenotypes (bodily appearance and proportions), which can be analysed, accessed and manipulated by diet, lifestyle and herbs. I am pursuing an education and qualification in this regard under the auspices of The Precision Health Alliance using the ph360 augmented intelligence data system. I shall undertake the training for medical practitioners from April of 2022. To this end I work with Dr. Kate Armstrong under the flag of Coleville Health Trading Trust towards personal health responsibility and patient glory.

I also see my own private patients who seek my input as a fully qualified naturopath and medical herbalist under the banners of Nourishing Eyes and Nourishing Life.