Kimba Lawrence

Mindset Change Coach

I live in Wellington with my three grown children and three grandchildren all living near by and I have been passionate about people’s well-being since I first began my working life! For more than a decade ago now, I have been assisting people with their weight loss, eating and food related issues, as well as support for reversing type 2 diabetes. I had a background in social services prior to moving into the health arena.

I am pleased to be part of the Reversal NZ team to offer mindset change coaching for those stubborn cases where the mind might be in the way!

I work with a mindset change modality called PSYCH-K to reset unhelpful limiting subconscious beliefs that keep people from achieving their goals. It is an easy and effective method that offers long-term change. When you have the right plan and help and you are motivated to change but the results are eluding you, it is likely to be your subconscious beliefs running the show! We do not know what we do not know but the clues get revealed through our repeated patterns or habits that do not serve us. This modality can be applied to any aspect of your life that is getting in the way of the life you want. Try this method when normal channels for change have not been effective enough.

Change your beliefs – change your life.