Dr Glen Davies

(Lifestyle Medicine)

Glen was born in Wellington in 1965 and grew up in a number of small towns, including Mangakino, He gradated from University of Otago in 1989. Glen worked in a mission hospital in Papua New Guinea for 2 years. While medical superintendent he was part of the team managing the Vunapope state of emergency caused by the major eruption of 2 local volcanoes.

He is tremendously proud of his children who are awesome humans. With his partner Vanessa he is developing a lifestyle property in Kinloch, to be as self-sustaining as possible, for food and energy.

“As a GP I love consulting. I love the close relationship I form with clients, but I have become frustrated by failing to address prevention and by managing treatable conditions rather than aiming for cure. I have spent many years asking do I actually make a difference? 3 years ago, with many others, we have grown “Reverse T2 Diabetes Taupo”. This community group has met weekly and learned together how to reverse T2 Diabetes and other aspects of metabolic syndrome. As a consequence, over 115 Taupo community members have reversed their diabetes. There are over 2500 people on the face book page.

Since learning about the power of Low Carb/Healthy Fat, Ketogenic Diets and fasting, I truly feel like a healer. After learning about the coach approach, with clients setting their own goals, I feel that I can walk beside clients supporting them on their healing journey. My “Why” is to make a difference as a healer and to contribute to the creation of healthier communities. I now feel that we have the tools to do this. “Reversal NZ” is the result of letting a movement grow organically over the last 3 years.

We are now linking with other clinicians and coached to make formal programs available to many more people. As a clinician I feel invigorated and excited for the future. With powerful and effective tools, I feel I can reach my potential as a healer. To be a doctor is an honor and a privilege. I feel that I have found my place in the world and that feels extraordinary.”

Dr Christian Haug

RANZCP (affiliate member), DGPPN (Germany), DTMH (Liv.), Life Coach (NZ Life Coaching)

Consultant Psychiatrist

Christian was born in Tübingen in Germany’s Southwest and grew up in the Black Forest, a beautiful rural area and a treasure of nature.

He graduated from the German University RWTH Aachen in 2001. During his education Christian has been studying, living and working in a variety of different countries and cultures such as Peru, South Africa, Samoa, UK and also worked as a travel guide in South America and South East Asia for some years.

Christian specialised in Psychiatry in Germany in 2010. He is a member of the German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DGPPN), an affiliate member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) and holds full vocational registration with the NZ Medical Council.

As a psychiatrist and life coach Christian knows what impact lifestyle can have on mental and physical wellbeing. He is grateful and excited to be part of the Reversal NZ team and wants to share his skillset with the other clinicians and support clients on their healing journey.

Christian and his family relocated to New Zealand in 2013 but has been here as early as 1992 as a young traveller. He enjoys the NZ way of life and a range of outdoor activities and he loves travelling.

Jaala Dyer


Certified Health Coach, Certificate in Advanced Nutrition, Personal Trainer

Jaala is a foodie who loves to cook and is learning to garden. She loves cooking with fresh local ingredients and sharing them with her large family. She’s passionate about eating real food. Jaala came to Health Coaching from a background in business in the Natural Health industry in New Zealand and Australia. Like so many in the health industry, she felt frustrated about the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ approach to public health policy and is passionate about helping people with positive lifestyle changes around food, physical activity, sleep and that feeling of connection with family and community.

Jaala is a Yin Yoga Teacher, a qualified Personal Trainer, and holds a certificate in Advanced Nutrition as well as being a certified Health Coach. Her specialties are in Movement for Mental Health, Positive Psychology, helping overcome Sugar Addiction, and helping reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Away from work, Jaala’s passion is travel with her husband Stephen. Their love of the great outdoors takes them hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. Apart from that, too much of her time is spent training her naughty dog Pipi.

Dr Anna Macrae Goodwin

Natural Health Practitioner

I am passionate about caring for patients and families facing a cancer diagnosis.

My aim is to provide understanding, instill hope, and deliver the highest standard of available treatment. I’m excited to be combining evidence based Clinical Oncology with a holistic patient-centered approach focusing on personal empowerment and well-being.

In my spare time, I am perpetually engaged in creating sustainable permaculture in my home and community. Also enjoy tramping, mountain biking and spending time with friends.

Special Interests
• Prostate Cancer • Breast Cancer • Colorectal Cancer • Pancreatic Cancer • Ovarian Cancer • Palliative Care • Central nervous system (GBM) • Integrative Oncology

Vanessa Mowat

Registered Nurse – Health Coach

I was born in Mangakino, a small rural community in South Waikato.

My interest in health started with my mothers breast cancer diagnosis when I was 16. At this time very few treatment options were available other than mainstream.  As a family, we researched and utilized many options including diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.  This influenced my decision to train as a nurse.

I am currently working in Taupo Inpatient Unit and District Nursing.

My interests are sustainability and environmental.  I own a lifestyle block and hope to be as self-sufficient as possible with food production and energy. When I am not working in my garden or have a DIY project, I enjoy music and mountain biking/sailing with my partner Glen.  I have 3 children who have recently left home which has created an opportunity for me to begin training as a health coach.

Kimba Lawrence

Mindset Change Coach

I live in Wellington with my three grown children and three grandchildren all living near by and I have been passionate about people’s well-being since I first began my working life! For more than a decade ago now, I have been assisting people with their weight loss, eating and food related issues, as well as support for reversing type 2 diabetes. I had a background in social services prior to moving into the health arena.

I am pleased to be part of the Reversal NZ team to offer mindset change coaching for those stubborn cases where the mind might be in the way!

I work with a mindset change modality called PSYCH-K to reset unhelpful limiting subconscious beliefs that keep people from achieving their goals. It is an easy and effective method that offers long-term change. When you have the right plan and help and you are motivated to change but the results are eluding you, it is likely to be your subconscious beliefs running the show! We do not know what we do not know but the clues get revealed through our repeated patterns or habits that do not serve us. This modality can be applied to any aspect of your life that is getting in the way of the life you want. Try this method when normal channels for change have not been effective enough.

Change your beliefs – change your life.