We have a new vision of HEALTH

We hope you will join us as we leave the old, broken model behind and manifest true health.

We will focus on ‘Health Span’ in contrast to lifespan. Too many of us spend  years with chronic, significant illness before we die, supported by medications that manage the symptoms. I hope that at 100 years old, after helping my neighbour repair his roof, followed by a fresh, whole food meal and some meaningful conversation and laughs with good friends, I die in my sleep. This is health span and this is attainable with a new model.

This vision of health is holistic, not reductionist. Models like, Te Whare Tapa Wha, Te Wheke and the Meihana model, teach us that health is more than physical. We need healthy minds, families, communities, environments. We are spiritual beings connected to energies and concepts bigger than just ourselves.

Reversal NZ represents all of this. We want to walk beside you on YOUR health journey.

Thomas Eddison said,” the doctor of the future will give no medicines but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”. This quote manifests what we are about. Medications generally do not cure disease but palliate the symtoms. Medications will have a place, but I see that place as limited and specific. Currently doctors have only one option, their prescription pad. They have 10 to 15 minutes, barely enough time to greet someone, yet the system requires them in this time to take a history, examine, diagnose and treat. This time constraint alone leads to the only option being a prescription. At reversal NZ our appointments are 30 minutes minimum. Medication is not our ‘go to’. Lifestyle medicine is.

The pillars of Lifestyle Medicine are Nutrition, Movement, Sleep and Community.

It all starts with whole food nutrition. Real food, recently growing in the garden, flying, walking or swimming. It still resembles food. Generally, it doesn’t come from a packet and doesn’t come with a food label (warning label). You have to cook it! Often it requires an oven and a recipe book, not just a microwave. Often you would prepare the food with your family. There is minimal human interference. This is real food. This food nourishes both your body and brain but also you gut microbiome. It is replete with vitamins and minerals. Whole food nutrition is simple, fundamental and where we focus.

Movement and quality sleep are not just for the human frame but for optimal mental health.

Community. We are creating a model with vision and meaning. We hope you will be part of this community. We all need to be part of something bigger that ourselves. Our lives need meaning and purpose. We need to spend time with people that share our values. Many of us work for companies that don’t share our values. This conflict of ethics causes us to feel disjointed. Reversal NZ has a clear vision of what health looks like and how to create it. Be part of the health, not illness.

Your membership is about you joining this team with a vision for the health of New Zealand/Aotearoa.

You will get a full metabolic health check.
  1. ALT. Liver health, particularly looking for fatty liver.
  2. AST, looking at mitochondrial function. Our mitochondria are energy producing factories in every cell. To feel alive, vibrant and energetic depends on providing the mitochondria with the correct fuel and the mitochondria being able to function efficiently.
  3. Uric acid. This is a marker of how efficiently you are using fuel.
  4. CRP. This test measures inflammation. Inflammation is a fundamental mechanism in every chronic health condition.
  5. HbA1c. One of the 2 most important markers of metabolic health. 20 to 40 is normal, 41 to 49 is prediabetes and 50 and above is diabetes. And prediabetes is ‘pre’ nothing. By the time the HbA1c is in the prediabetic range patients will have had significant metabolic dysfunction for about a decade. The fantastic news is that it is completely reversable, with in excess of 136 people in Taupo reversing their diabetes or prediabetes.
  6. Fasting Triglycerides. Perhaps the most important marker of health. Raised triglycerides, on a fasting sample indicate the amount of fat your liver is making. This fat is made from carbohydrates and sugars. This is the fat that can end up in the arteries causing heart attack and strokes. It is this fat, not the fat we eat, that causes chronic ill health.
  7. Trig/HDL. This is the ratio to focus on. If this ratio is less than 0.87 on a fasting sample your LDL is in the healthy form and you will not be depositing plaque in your arteries. It is that simple. Cholesterol and LDL is not the main player here, it is triglyceride.
  8. Fasting insulin and C-Peptide. These 2 tests measure insulin resistance. Insulin tells the body to store fat or to burn fat. It is like a switch. We want low insulin levels so we are in fat burning mode.

History. It is all in the history. We want to really get to know you.

Diagnosis. We are about looking for the cause of the problem, not just naming the symptom. If there is a problem our diagnosis will try to reflect the cause. We often diagnose Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin resistance, Inflammation, Hyperinsulinemia, Mitochondrial dysfunction, Inflammation. See how this type of diagnosis reflects the cause, so allows us to focus on the solution, not just symptomatic treatment.

Treatment. You guessed it our treatments are often whole food nutrition, exercise, sleep improvement and stress management. We often prescribe low carb/healthy fat or keto nutrition plans.  For some people fasting is recommended. We value intermittent fasting and sometimes longer fasts as this is when damaged cells are replaced and recycled. We have a fasting coach to support this.

Coach Approach. But we are not going to tell you what to do. The paternalistic doctor giving you orders is old school. We walk beside you on your agenda. What is important to us may not be as important to you. And change can he hard. Our health coaches specialise in behavioural change, your priorities at your pace.

Outcomes. Whatever your individual goal is, expect to feel more energetic and alive. Expect to optimise your weight and mental clarity. Expect your joints to feel less painful and stiff. Ultimately expect to improve your wellbeing and ultimately your health span.

Join us, at Reversal NZ in redefining Health.