Sarona Rameka

Fasting Coach

Sarona Rameka is a self-confessed recovering sugar addict.

In 2017 Sarona was 9 months pregnant when it was discovered she had tumours in her left chest, heart and lung. Stage 4 cancer with the only option of palliative chemotherapy.

Under the guidance of Dr Matthew Phillips (, she used the ketogenic diet and regular water fasting as a world-first: sole metabolic therapy in the treatment of terminal cancer. An existing auto-immune condition had to be carefully managed as her body adapted to healing itself.

Four years on, Sarona has a thriving family, and a beautiful life. She is a seasoned faster, still completing 7-day monthly fasts, and acknowledges both the mental and physical challenges (and triumphs) fasting brings. Her cancer is a fraction of its former size, and this is without the use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any conventional cancer treatments.

Sarona gives all glory to God, and knows the right doors opened up at the right times to make a way for her healing. In turn, she is committed to sharing her story so others can also feel encouraged in their own journeys.

She says, “I am a survivor. A wife and a mama and they are my ‘why’. This journey has built my faith, endurance, and appreciation for life. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God and count my blessings”.