Jaala Dyer

Jaala Dyer

Certified Health Coach, Certificate in Advanced Nutrition, Personal Trainer

Lead Coach

Jaala is a foodie who loves to cook and is learning to garden. She loves cooking with fresh local ingredients and sharing them with her large family and she’s passionate about eating real food.

Jaala came to Health Coaching from a background in business in the Natural Health industry in New Zealand and Australia. Like so many in the health industry, she felt frustrated about the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ approach to public health policy and is passionate about helping people with positive lifestyle changes around food, physical activity, sleep and that feeling of connection with family and community.

Jaala is a Yin Yoga Teacher, a qualified Personal Trainer, and holds a certificate in Advanced Nutrition as well as being a certified Health Coach. Her specialties are in Movement for Mental Health, Positive Psychology, helping overcome Sugar Addiction, and helping reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

2022 has been an award winning year for Jaala. She won Health and Wellbeing Coach of the Year in a Healthcare Setting for Australia and New Zealand in June, and followed it up a few weeks later winning Prekure Health and Nutrition Coach of the Year. 

Away from work, Jaala’s passion is travel with her husband Stephen. Their love of the great outdoors takes them hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. Apart from that, too much of her time is spent training her naughty dog Pipi.