The Metabolic Health Check Up


Where do you sit on the Metabolic Health Scale, and why should you book a Metabolic Health Assessment?

How This Could benefit Me?

Are you feeling tired? 

Does your performance drop after lunch? 

Does your body ache for no apparent reason? Are you forgetting names? 

Has your doctor been concerned about your blood results or blood pressure?

What We Do

Your Metabolic Health Check includes detailed examination with attention to the markers of Metabolic illness. A comprehensive history is essential.

Your check includes:  Introductory appointment with Nutrition Coach, 2 x appointments with Metabolic GP Specialist Dr Davies and 2 x appointments with a Health Coach

What sort of things do we check?

ALT. Liver health, particularly looking for fatty liver. 

AST, looking at mitochondrial function. Our mitochondria are energy producing factories in every cell. To feel alive, vibrant and energetic depends on providing the mitochondria with the correct fuel and the mitochondria being able to function efficiently.

Uric acid. This is a marker of how efficiently you are using fuel.

CRP. This test measures inflammation. Inflammation is a fundamental mechanism in every chronic health condition.

HbA1c. One of the 2 most important markers of metabolic health. 20 to 40 is normal, 41 to 49 is prediabetes and 50 and above is diabetes. And prediabetes is ‘pre’ nothing. By the time the HbA1c is in the prediabetic range patients will have had significant metabolic dysfunction for about a decade. The fantastic news is that it is completely reversible, with in excess of 136 people in Taupo reversing their diabetes or prediabetes.

Fasting Triglycerides. Perhaps the most important marker of health. Raised triglycerides, on a fasting sample indicate the amount of fat your liver is making. This fat is made from carbohydrates and sugars. This is the fat that can end up in the arteries causing heart attack and strokes. It is this fat, not the fat we eat, that causes chronic ill health.

Trig/HDL. This is the ratio to focus on. If this ratio is less than 0.87 on a fasting sample your LDL is in the healthy form and you will not be depositing plaque in your arteries. It is that simple. Cholesterol and LDL is not the main player here, it is triglyceride.

Fasting insulin and C-Peptide. These 2 tests measure insulin resistance. Insulin tells the body to store fat or to burn fat. It is like a switch. We want low insulin levels so we are in fat burning mode.

What Outcome is Achieved?

These blood test allow us to visualize how your body is processing energy, if fat is being stored or burnt and if you are at higher or lower heart attack and stroke risk than you thought.

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We are a private medical clinic, and we don’t offer a complete GP service. You can stay enrolled with your current GP and ALSO work with us.

Telehealth is a consultation that is conducted via video calling on your computer or your phone. The advantages are that you don’t have to travel anywhere and find a carpark, you can be in the comfort of your own home. Most of our consultations are via telehealth.

We don’t believe in fads, or overnight successes. Real change takes time and we’re here for you.

The Reversal NZ rooms are located in the back of St Pauls Union Church, entry off Rifle Range Road. We are appointment only. Almost all of our appointments are digitally via Telehealth.

How do I schedule an appointment or find out more information?

Email us or message us via our Facebook page.

We take all our programmes seriously and select medical practitioners on the basis of their qualifications and track record.  For example, Dr Glen Davies is the current recipient of the NZ GP of the year award and has an extensive track record in working with patients to reverse Type 2 diabetes.  Our Health Coaches have all successfully completed nutrition and coaching programs through Prekure and are HCANZA certified coaches.  Our medical practitioners and coaches work closely together with you to ensure the best likelihood of success.