Vanessa Mowat

Registered Nurse – Health Coach

I was born in Mangakino, a small rural community in South Waikato.

My interest in health started with my mothers breast cancer diagnosis when I was 16. At this time very few treatment options were available other than mainstream.  As a family, we researched and utilized many options including diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.  This influenced my decision to train as a nurse.

I am currently working in Taupo Inpatient Unit and District Nursing.

My interests are sustainability and environmental.  I own a lifestyle block and hope to be as self-sufficient as possible with food production and energy. When I am not working in my garden or have a DIY project, I enjoy music and mountain biking/sailing with my partner Glen.  I have 3 children who have recently left home which has created an opportunity for me to begin training as a health coach.