Welcome to Reversal NZ


A Lifestyle Medicine Clinic
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Specalising in the delivery of evidence-based nutrition, for the reversal and prevention of metabolic illnesses

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A Lifestyle Medicine Clinic
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Specalising in the delivery of evidence-based nutrition, for the reversal and prevention of metabolic illnesses

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Kia Ora and Welcome

Our aim is that Reversal NZ will fill the large gap in the delivery of health care in NZ by providing the powerful interventions of Lifestyle Medicine, to reverse chronic disease and metabolic illness.

We offer a selection of services and programmes that are medically supervised, with leading specialists in their fields of medicine. They work alongside highly trained Health Coaches, who work alongside the client as their partners, meeting them where they are at, and working towards their individual goals. This powerful combination results in real change.

Ultimately - we want healthy communities

Reversal NZ presents a solution to manifest this vision.

Our Vision

By using highly trained Health Coaches as the main work force, the client’s goals will focus the interventions.

We anticipate Reversal NZ will fill a large gap in the delivery of healthcare by providing powerful interventions, focused on the goals set by the client.

and how to get started today

Reversal NZ's Point of Difference and how it can benefit you

1. The Coach Approach

Health Coaches understand that change is a process. It is not always easy. You decide on your goals based on your values and needs. You set the pace. We are here to support you on your journey to health.

2. Evidence Inspired

The scientific process is held as a fundamental pillar of our organization. Our strength comes from knowing what is proven to work based on high quality research. The confidence to prescribe these metabolic therapies comes from knowing what is proven to work.

3. Powerful Tools

Quite frankly if there was a medicine this effective it would be advertised and marketed so heavily that you would know all about it. These metabolic tools are many times more powerful than any currently available medicine. Do not think that just because whole food is so simple and so accessible to most that it is weak. Nutritional therapies are immensely powerful, let us support you in using the tools.

4. Our Team

This is another point of difference. We really care. Perhaps too much. Perhaps to the point that we struggle to fit into the establishment. Some of us have been excluded for being too outspoken about the injustice, the lack of effectiveness of the status quo. Collectively we represent hundreds of thousands of hours of reading, studying, questioning and thinking about how to truly make a difference.

5. Lifestyle Medicine

This aspect of medicine asks us to look at the determinants of disease. What is the cause of the cause of the cause? We often end up at insulin resistance and inflammation due to sugar refined carbs and industrial oils, poor sleep, lack of movement and lack of connection. Asking why allows us to get to the root cause where we can actually make meaningful change.
Glen, we can't express enough how amazing this consult was. We are so grateful for the time you put in to understand the history and make a proper plan. We are already seeing results. You have exceeded all our expectations. Thank you so much
Vernon Rameka
New Zealand
A huge thank you to Dr Glen and Health Coach Jaala. 3 1/2 months ago I was concerned with my HBA1C being 48 and wanted to bring this back to normal levels. I have followed the LCHF lifestyle for 2 1/2 years and was reaping the benefits of no inflammation and other advantages. I contacted Dr Glen & Jaala and following a very thorough consultation and based on their recommendations I refined my way of eating and now 3 1/2 months later my HBA1C is now 40. During this time I caught covid and came through well. I am now back playing squash at 62 years old. Dr Glen and Jaala provided encouragement and support over the time. You can ask them any questions and they always came, back with an answer. No question was too silly. Thanks again to Dr Glen & Jaala.
New Zealand